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Arundel Tree Service

 Anne Arundel County Tree Care

Did you know that in Maryland it is required for all practicing tree care professionals to obtain /maintain a valid Maryland Tree Expert license?

Without a valid Maryland Tree Expert License it is illegal to practice or advertise for any type of tree service in the state of Maryland.

 A Tree Expert (Licensed Tree Expert - LTE) is someone who is skilled in the science of tree care. Tree Care includes but is not limited to, proper pruning such as crown and root pruning, removals, and fertilization. This license must be renewed yearly, and is obtained through specific training, testing, and insurance* requirements. The purpose of this license is to provide consumer protection, by licensing only qualifying companies and individuals. When considering any tree care provider make sure they are licensed by checking DNR’s web site at:

Be sure to verify that the license number provided belongs to the company performing your work!

Unfortunately there are companies/people out there who will try to pass someone else's license number off as their own, This is against the law and could result in an insurance nightmare! DNR's website clearly lists all names of companies and individuals that each license belongs to. If it is not on DNR's site it is not a current/valid license! (You can always be 100% sure by verifying this via phone with DNR as well, as a computer omission may rarely occur, after all they are human too!) 

By not using a LTE the consumer may be held accountable for any damage or injury caused by the tree care. Protect yourself and your family, hire only a licensed professional. 

Check Those Credentials!

*Insurance is only one major requirement of the licensing process that includes time in the field, training, education and examination processes

 Below is an Excerpt from the DNR, Licensed Tree Expert Law



Chapter 07 Licensed Tree Experts

Authority: Natural Resources Article,

§§5-415—5-423, Annotated Code of Maryland

.01 Responsibility to the Public.

A. In rendering professional services, a licensed tree expert shall comply in all respects with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to tree expert services.

B. A licensed tree expert may not engage in any form of false or misleading advertising or promotional activities, including, but not limited to, the falsification or misrepresentation of:

(1) The work of a licensed tree expert or of an individual employed by the tree expert;

(2) The academic or professional qualifications or affiliations of the licensed tree expert; or

(3) The experience or licensing status of the licensed tree expert.

C. A licensed tree expert may not use private property adjacent to a client's property as

work area, or to gain access to the client's property, without the private property

owner's written permission.

D. A licensed tree expert shall ensure the safe operation of all equipment used in the

performance of tree expert services.

E. In the performance of tree expert services, a licensed tree expert shall make every

reasonable effort to protect the safety, health, property, and welfare of the public.

F. A licensed tree expert shall cooperate fully with the Department of Natural Resources

Forest Service in an investigation or adjudication of an alleged violation of tree

expert statutes or regulations and, upon request, shall provide copies of documents to

the Department of Natural Resources.

G. A licensed tree expert shall, within a reasonable time, inform the Department of

Natural Resources Forest Service in writing of a change in address, telephone

number, or employment.

Why us?

Our company is fully licensed and insured. We have been established in the local area since 1999.  

We provide all aspects of tree care. Our rates are affordable. All services are completed in a safe and professional manner.

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